What is Tec Centro?

Located in Lancaster, PA, Tec Centro is the primary provider of bilingual education and skills training to low income individuals, Tec Centro is fundamental in enabling those who are underemployed and unemployed to gain self-suficiency. There is a significant difference between self-sufficiency and having an income above the poverty level.

SACA and Tec Centro’s focus is on education and work-force development that leads to household self-sufficiency. When a family is able to be self-sufficient, they rise out of the cycle of poverty, empowering generations onward and enriching the fabric of our communities.


Training & Certifications

Tec Centro has several successful training and certification programs to get your started in a new career field.


ESL & GED Classes 

Whether you are just beginning your ESL or GED journey, or need one more class to pass your test, Tec Centro has classes for you.


Employment Services 

Looking for your next job and you don't know where to begin? Visit Tec Centro today to talk with one of our employment specialists.

Tec Centro & SACA

Tec Centro is a division of the Spanish American Civic Association (SACA). To learn more about all the other services SACA provides, visit their website or call 717-397-6267.