In 2019/20 Tec Centro served 1,270 individuals with services, even through the beginning of COVID-19. 

160 of those individuals were provided job training
171 of those individuals were served in the ESL training program


Number of job placements 174
160 served in skills training
171 served in adult education
529 served in job search

160 Enrolled in Skills Training in 2019/20
Certified Nurse Aid 31
Construction 14
Culinary Arts 17
Manufacturing 37
Dental Assistant 7
Physician Office Assistant 18
Medical Assistant 25
Phlebotomy 11

% Increasing income by +40%  88.75%
Completion rate for skills trainings  83%
Job placement rate post training  70%
Average Wage $14.41


About Tec Centro

Tec Centro is a multi-pronged services facility that is resolved to make an investment in the workforce development of the Latino community by nurturing a business model that integrates language, basic adult education, bilingual skills training, and job placement in a seamless system. Inaugurated on February 6, 2014, Tec Centro is a program under the umbrella of the Spanish American Civic Association (SACA).

Tec Centro collaborates with area community colleges and training programs to provide the skill training that will lead to careers in high demand areas, including: allied health occupations, construction trades, culinary arts, commercial and industrial building maintenance, and bank teller/customer service representatives. All participants receive career counseling and placement assistance. Graduates are placed in high-demand jobs and careers in our community, contributing to the economic well-being of Lancaster County.

Meet the Team

Tec Centro is nothing without the dedicated individuals who work hard every day to support our students and job seekers.

Marlyn Barbosa
Marlyn Barbosa
Program Director
Maria De Valle
Office Manager
Rosaline Groff
Career Navigator
Irene Aco-Cortes
Adult Education Instructor
Marisol Sanchez
Career Navigator
Chris Wilcox
Adult Education Instructor
Robinson Parades
Workforce Trainer
Culinary Arts Instructor
Nancy Alvelo
Employment Specialist
Lourdes Torres
Adult Education Instructor
Shirly Hetrick
Workforce Trainer
Dental Assistant Instructor