ESL Classes

English as a second language

Tec Centro believes that the foundation to better employment starts with communication. ESL classes at Tec Centro empower Spanish speakers to learn and develop their English-speaking skills in a motivated and culturally-appropriate way. The different levels taught at Tec Centro will focus in develop the language and academic skills customized to the specific level of proficiency.


Levels Provided

The beginner class focuses on accumulating vocabulary and teaching basic grammar concepts. Students are taught names for simple parts of speech through reading and writing. After which, they practice using these words through speaking and listening in real-life contexts. As beginners, one of their top priorities in language learning is memorizing vocabulary. In this class they are given vocabulary of familiar settings to build confidence and increase practice time.

This High Beginner class teaches grammar concepts for the purpose of perfecting a ELL’s (English Language Learner) speaking ability. To be understood and move up in the workplace, students are looking for more clarity in their speech—learning the difference between formal English and conversational English. When reading, the students focus on comprehension and developing their own opinions about what they read, expressing them in English.

This Intermediate class is for the student who successfully completed the High Beginning ESL class and/or has a Best Literacy score of at least 64 and an intermediate oral test score. This class focuses on helping students to better express themselves in English, in regards to both speaking and writing. Additionally a part of each class is devoted to reading in English, construct meaning from oral presentations and literary and informational text through level-appropriate listening, reading, and viewing.

The Transition class (advanced) prepares students for occupational skills training classes. Entrance to an occupation skills training class, requires students to demonstrate English language proficiency equivalent to a specific grade reading level, as measured by the Test of Adult Basic Education known as the TABE test. To help students reach the prerequisite reading level, the “Reading in English” class utilizes relatable reading assignments, such as biographies, fiction, magazines and the daily newspaper as well as the Endeavor Reading series for Adult learners. Students must demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English to communicate in level-appropriate speech and writing analyze and critique the arguments of others orally and in writing, participate in level-appropriate oral and written exchanges of information, ideas, and analyses, in various social and academic contexts, responding to peer, audience, or reader comments and questions. Through these assignments and organized small group discussion about the assignments, the students learn strategies to increase their reading comprehension, perfect their study skills, improve note taking, and test preparation techniques.

HISET Prep Courses

High School Equivalence Courses
In Spanish



Adult Literacy /Pre-HISET:

This program is designed for adults or young adults who are reading below the ninth-grade level. In addition to basic skills like reading and writing, these programs generally help students gain vocational skills; some will offer courses leading to a high demands occupations such as Certified Nurse Aid, Culinary Arts and other health careers.

HS Equivalency Course (HISET test)

HISET Prep classes help adults get a high school equivalency diploma through the HISET test. This classes allow adults to get help before they test on skills they may be missing. The HISET measures knowledge in reading, writing, mathematics, social studies and science. The course utilize online resources (HISET preparation materials)  as well as traditional text books and electronic assignments.