Tec Centro's success stories are your success


Ninoshka L. left school at 17 years old and only completed the 9th grade. In January of 2018, she was fired from her job for not having my high school diploma or GED. She felt so ashamed to be fired, and that day she decided to finish her GED.

She is a mother of 3 children and she wanted her children to be proud of her. At the same time, she want to feel proud of herself. So, she worked hard and in November of 2018, she attained her HS Equivalency Diploma. Soon after graduating, she had the opportunity to enroll in the Medical Assistant Program at Tec Centro, another one of her goals.

Elwuin C. came from a masonry construction career in Venezuela. While waiting for his Social Security card, he enrolled in Tec Centro’s Residential Construction Skills Training course. With no English language skills and no transportation, Elwuin was still able to successfully complete the program and receive his OSHA certification.

A few months later, Elwin happily returned to Tec Centro with his Social Security card in hand. He is now hired at High Concrete as General Laborer and is paid $15.75 per hour. He is doing well.

Jinerci V. enrolled in Tec Centro’s CNA program in 2015. After completing training, she became employed with a local retirement home; however, Jinerci wanted more. She worked as a PRN CNA from the time of her graduation till February of 2018. During that time, she enrolled in the Radiography program and graduated. She has been working with UPMC Pinnacle Lancaster since October 2017 as a Mammographer/ Radiographer.

When discussing why she made the switch, Jinerci says, “ I loved my job as a CNA, I got so attached to my residents that I did not want to leave them, but it was too much for me working full time at the hospital and working as a CNA as well. My pay rate was 17.00 per hour when I left Landis Homes. “

In addition, Jinerci says that being a CNA helped to improve her English speaking skills as well. Her new positions afforded her the opportunity to constantly practice her English, which strengthened her fluency quickly.

Currently, Jinerci is cross-training in mammography and has an average pay rate of $23-27 per how. “I love my job!” Jinerci explains, “I cannot express how happy and proud I feel of being the only Latina in the imaging department at my job. I help a lot of Spanish patients that come in who do not speak English.”